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Enrico Glerean was born in 1977 in San Donà di Piave (Italy).
Based in a town near Venice, Padova, Milano, Bologna, Roma, Napoli (member of Avatar41), Berlin... and everywhere a friend lives.
Studies: Master Of Science (MSc) in Telecommunication Engineering (expert in digital signal processing and wireless communications).
Musical instruments (since early age): Piano, Guitar, Bass.

He is a:
°°° musician,
°°° programmer,
°°° visual []digital[] artist.

Enrico Glerean
mob. phone: +39 338 234 3691

Professional CV only on request
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Ilaria Ruggeri

Ilaria Ruggeri

CV [selection 2000-2004]


  • 2004.10 CENTRAS4 FESTIVAL, curated by Gediminas Banaitis, Kaunas picture gallery, Kaunas (LITHUANIA) [1];

  • 2004.08 UNDERWATER BROADCAST, curated by Alison Gerber, Malmö (SWEDEN) [1], [2];

  • 2004.05 PEAM2004, curated by Luigi Pagliarini, Alessandro Ludovico, (etc), Pescara (ITALY) [1];

  • 2004.05 ENTER 2, curated by Virginijus Kincinaitis, Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai (LITHUANIA) [1];

  • 2004.03 OLTRE LO SCHERMO: DALL’IMMAGINE ALL’IMMAGINARIO, curated by Marco Altavilla, AUDITORIUM DMS, Bologna (ITALY) [1];

  • 2004.03 PROGRAMMED!, curated by ASKTHEROBOT, Frying Pan, New York City (USA) [1];

  • 2004.01 SPACE IS THE PLACE 03, curated by Marco Altavilla, TPO, Bologna (ITALY) [1];

  • 2003.08 DEL SEGNO, DEL SUONO E DELLA PAROLA, curated by Giannella Demuro e Antonello Fresu, Berchidda (SS) (ITALY) [cat.] [1];
  • 2003.05 PEAM, curated by Luigi Pagliarini, Andrea Gabrieli, Francesca Colasante, Lele Luchetti. Pescara (ITALY) [1];

  • 2003.05-06 COVER THEORY, curated by Marco Senaldi, Piacenza (ITALY) [cat.] [1];

  • 2003.01 SPACE IS STILL THE PLACE, curated by Marco Altavilla and Anna De Manincor,  TPO, Bologna (ITALY);

  • 2002.10 SILENT WATERS, Orion Film Theatre, curated by Petri Kuljuntausta, Helsinki (FINLAND) [1];

  • 2002.07 CON|TEXT, curated by John Kannenberg, Stasis_Space, webGallery [1].



  • 2004.08 Overgaden SoundArt Festival, curated by Björn Ross, Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Brandon LaBelle, etc. visuals by Liv Læssøe, Copenhagen (DENMARK) [1];

  • 2004.07 :A, curated by Attualamente, Telecom Italia Future Centre, Venezia (ITALY) [1];

  • 2004.07 LONDON PLACARD, organised by slow sound system, midRange, moshi moshi records, [no.signal], murmer, coombe records, highpoint lowlife, yaxu paxo, idoia and state51, London (UNITED KINGDOM);

  • 2004.07 RE-LECT, curated by Interno3, Parco di Villa Franchin, Venezia (ITALY);

  • 2004.06 LIVE IN PADOVA, curated by A.S.U., Padova (ITALY);

  • 2004.06 ELEMENTI ART FESTIVAL, curated by Biljana Petrovska Isijanin and Ljupcho Spirovski Isijanin, Bitola (MACEDONIA);

  • 2004.05 FUNNEL, curated by laboratorio Interno3, Parco di S. Giuliano, Venice (ITALY);

  • 2004.05 PLACARD at PEAM, curated by Eric Namour, Pescara (ITALY) [1];

  • 2004.05 AVATARS at LINUX-CLUB, curated by Salvatore Iaconesi, Linux-Club, Roma (ITALY) [1];

  • 2004.02 DECIBEL MEETS NEON/CAMPOBASE, curated by Marco Altavilla, Galleria Neon/Campobase, Bologna (ITALY) [1];

  • 2004.01 SPACE IS THE PLACE 03, curated by Marco Altavilla, TPO, Bologna (ITALY) [1];

  • 2003.11 FESTIVAL MUSICA '900 - EDIZIONE 2003, curated by Marco Altavilla, Sala Polifunzionale Opera Universitaria, Trento (ITALY) [1];
  • 2003.11 AVANTO festival (as a member of Helsinki Computer Orchestra), Gloria Club, Helsinki (FINLAND) [1];

  • 2003.11 solo show and UNCONTROLLED NORMALITY improvisation, INTRO club, Vilnius, (LITHUANIA) [1];
  • 2003.11 solo show, HUUTO gallery, Helsinki (FINLAND) [1];

  • 2003.11 1+1=1, curated by Looming.org, Kanuti Gildi SAAL Theatre, Tallinn (ESTONIA) [1];

  • 2003.11 Live in Tallinn, Woodstock club, Tallinn (ESTONIA);
  • 2003.10 BRUSHLESS!, curated by Laboratorio/Interno3, Parco di Villa Franchin, Venezia (ITALY) [1];

  • 2003.04 FESTARTE, curated by Valentina Tanni, Distillerie Clandestine, Roma (ITALY) [1];
  • 2003.01 LOADING, curated by Valentina Tanni, Galleria Civica Montevergini, Siracusa (ITALY) [1];
  • 2002.09 live soundset for Carlo Zanni at "Italian Boys", Analix Forever Gallery, Geneve (SWITZERLAND) [1].


  • 2004.01 for MUGEN at NETMAGE 04, curated by XING, Sala Borsa, Bologna (ITALY) [1], [2];



  • 2004.05 +D'1, curated by Laboratorio Interno3, Villa Franchin, Carpenedo-Venice (ITALY);

  • 2004.05 lecture with Marco Altavilla, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano (ITALY);

  • 2004.04 PIXELACHE2004 MEDIA FESTIVAL, curated by Juha Huuskonen (Piknik Frequency), Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki (FINLAND) [1];

  • 2003.11 RAM4 WORKSHOP, curated by Juha Huuskonen (Olento), NIFCA spaces, Helsinki (FINLAND) [1];
  • 2003.11 RAM3 WORKSHOP, curated by Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn (ESTONIA) [1];
  • 2003.02-03 Lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn (ESTONIA) [1].




On: Rhizome.org_ Ether2_ A Virtual Memorial_ NewMediaArtprojectNetwork_ Yoke&Zoom_ Digital Pocket Gallery_ Net art LOVES old art_


  • 2004.04 AA/VV FLOWERS FOR ALGEBRA [looming.org] [1];

  • 2004.04 AA/VV ORIGINE COMUNE [sinewaves.it] [1];

  • 2003.10 NUUK #0 (with ecb) [self produced] [1];

  • 2003.04 AA/VV ON HOW A PICTURE CAN SOUND [Homemade avantgarde records] [1];

  • 2002.12 AA/VV The Only Blip Hop Record You Will Ever Need, Vol 1 (as member of International Centre for Comparative Sound), [Luaka Bop rec.] [1];

  • 2002.10 AA/VV HI-LO TUNEZ (as Nuuk) [hi-lo tunez];

  • 2002-2004 Projects at microsound.org [1].



  • 2004.02 for Casaluce-Geiger (Wien, Austria) - FROM THE PAGES OF MY DIARY, Galleria Atelier Augarten – Center for Contemporary Art  “Österreichische Galerie Belvedere”, Wien (AUSTRIA) [1];

  • 2003.12 for Dagmar Kase (Tallinn, Estonia) and Melissa Ulto (NY, USA) - TWO LITTLE GIRLS GROWING OUT OF THEIR BRA, Vaal Gallery, Tallinn (ESTONIA) [1];
  • 2003.06 for Pennacchio Argentato - RADAR, curated by Angela Vettese, Centro Civico, Giudecca, Venezia (ITALY);
  • various soundtracks for artists and contemporary dance company (Carlo Zanni, Mauro Ceolin, Andrea Melloni, Lucia Leuci, Casaluce Geiger, Dagmar Kase, Simple Company)

Essential Texts:

E.G has also been interviewed by Radio Città del Capo (Bologna), where he played live with laptop, and Radio Gente Veneta (Venezia) and supports Crystal Ship at Radio San Donà (each tuesday from 21.30).

If you want to know more about E.G you can contact him at eg@egzero.org or +39 338 234 3691.




My research is based on two keywords: “code” and “memory”. The use of coding is everywhere from the letters we write to the signals around the air. In my works I try to analyze and develop new codes to show hidden things that are encoded into everyday life, a sort of a remapping of reality into a parallel dimension. Memory, in all its meanings, is deeply related with coding; I try to build new ways to store memories (like sounds and images) and I also show the limits and behaviour of (digital) memories with processes similar to human brain behaviour.

La ricerca artistica di Enrico Glerean (e.g.ø) ruota fondamentalmente attorno le parole-chiave "codifica" e "memoria". Usando principalmente il suono e la programmazione software, codifica immagini e sensazioni in suoni e viceversa. Inoltre, forzando i codici esistenti, ne mostra le parti mancanti e i necessari errori dovuti ai processi di codifica e memorizzazione digitale, creando processi simili al comportamento della memoria umana



























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